Our Services


Orientation and Facility Evaluation

This 2-to-3 day visit allows us to gain a general understanding of the potential project size, scope and timing, whether for upgrading and existing facility or building a new one. It also allows us to get a feel for company management’s appetite and commitment for undertaking a project. It ensure that we and your team are on the same page regarding how we will jointly approach your materials handling strategy and its implementation.

In-Depth Study

This 60-to-120 day, in-depth, data-driven study provides a roadmap that includes recommendations for improving material handling, material storage and retrieval and inventory management-related operational efficiencies as well as a time-and-expense budget for implementing the recommendations brought forward from the study.

Change Management

Adding or increasing the level of mechanization and computer control over distribution operations is just part of the process. Insuring that your distribution team is ready and able to manage the changes brought about by these additions is critical to the overall success of the project. We work with you and your team in a hands-on approach to improve your processes, people and measurement to help you reach optimal performance.

Project Management Services

Project Phase Development

Before undertaking the start of your project, we carefully layout the phases necessary to insure that the project implementation can be done while keeping you operational. This is done by scheduling major work to be done after-hours, on weekends, over holidays and in other ways to minimize conflicts with the day-to-day operations of your company. We clearly define how the project will be managed and what our role will be.

Vendor Selection

Selecting the right vendors to provide the equipment and services to bring the project from concept to reality is critical, and to that end, we negotiate with designated vendors to provide their equipment and services. We take responsibility for all vendor selection.

Purchase Order Management

Working with the established budget for specific equipment and services, we issue purchase orders on your behalf using your purchase order numbers and with your approval. We then manage the terms and conditions of the purchase orders to insure that equipment and services provided comply and that vendor payments, which are made by the client company direct to the vendor, are paid in a timely manner.

Budget Management

We maintain a running account of all costs associated with the project budget as they are incurred. We typically do not track taxes and freight as these are not line items contained in our overall budget.

Construction Management

If building expansion or new facility construction is involved in the project, we will oversee this as your customer representative if you choose. This is often times helpful to insure that construction takes into account the equipment and operations that will take place with the area of construction. This covers such things as sprinklers, HVAC, building column locations, floor specifications for specialized equipment use, etc.

Project Audit Services

Because of the way we source equipment and vendors, we monitor project costs against industry standard pricing to insure that your project costs are within an acceptable percentage of those standards. If for some reason they are not, we negotiate with selected vendors to get them in compliance with standard industry pricing.

Ongoing Support

Maintenance Planning & Implementation

Working with the selected vendors and your in-house capabilities, we establish preventive as well as equipment-down maintenance programs so that you have the confidence that your investment is not only going to last but that it will give you the level of up-time service expected.

Personnel Evaluation and Hiring

Utilizing our HR resources, we are able to provide personnel evaluation to insure that your distribution team members are working in the jobs most suitable to them, assist you with hiring new personnel that have been properly screened for suitability to the job that you want them to take on and to provide operational training for new and veteran employees on the equipment that is installed.


New systems and processes can be overwhelming to your team.  Our experts will train your team so they reach maximum productivity.  This training system will also help when new hires need to be onboarded to your team.

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