About Us

ARAS Enterprises evolved as a result of the merger of Trouble Shooters, Inc. (TSI) and Management Consulting Group, Ltd. (MCG) in 1995. TSI specialized in defining, developing and implementing materials handling systems. MCG specialized in general business consulting. The combining of these capabilities allows us to fill a unique and very specialized niche in the physical distribution consulting field.

Our comprehensive process allows us to help companies move into advance mechanized warehousing in new or existing facilities.

Why We’re Different

We sell no products, equipment, software, etc. as we believe that such offerings take away from our objectivity to define, design and implement the very best possible system solutions for our customers based on their real needs, their ability to financially support those solutions and their ability to manage them.

Essentially there is nothing we do that you cannot do yourself. That may not be what you expect from a company that has been around for as long as we have, but it is true. Given enough time and resources, you could do all that we do and most likely achieve similar results.

The same could be said of your CPA, your attorney and numerous other specialists that you engage to assist you with your business. So why do you engage these people? The answer is simple: they provide short-term, specialized expertise that is more time and cost effective than doing it yourself.

When it comes to evaluating, defining, planning and implementing the set-up of a new distribution center or the upgrading of an existing one, work with an unbiased specialized expert.



George Abbott

Managing Partner & Founder

George is the visionary of the group and is able to develop a big picture view of what opportunities are available to help customers. He brings over 40 years of materials handling experience to the team and has worked with a wide range of customers across multiple fields. His high-energy, flexible, friendly approach ensures that projects move along on schedule and that they produce the planned results.

Kathy Gilreath
Kathy is the process developer and key strategic development person on our team. She is also the one that manages the day-to-day business operations of the company. The team relies heavily on Kathy to provide creativity, process direction and focus on the individual strategies developed for our customers. She brings to the team over 30 years of planning and management expertise.
Christine Turner
Christine is our “behind the scenes” drawing and support person. She has eight years of AutoCAD experience which allows our team to develop a wide variety of concept drawings for our customers to be able to visualize potential layouts and flow configurations.
Pat Kahm
HR Advisor
Pat assists not only Aras, but our clients as well, in a variety of ways including conducting personnel evaluations, hiring, team building and job compatibility analysis. Her insight into effective communications, hiring the right people for the job, setting clear goals and defining clear roles is critical as our clients move into mechanization.
Mia Turner
Administrative Assistant in Training
Mia joined us in July, 2016 and is the first attendee in our in-house day care center!
Steve Gibbons
In Memoriam
Steve passed away in January, 2016 after having worked with us in an associate position for over 25 years doing specialty interface software development, data analysis and project management. His contributions to our success were numerous and he is truly missed. Rest in peace our friend.